Parlamento de Hong Kong cede à China e aprova lei para coibir dissidência pró-democracia Parlamento

Article on Hong Kong's New Security Law

The local Parliament of Hong Kong unanimously passed a new national security law on Tuesday, which includes provisions for lifelong imprisonment for treason and insurrection. Advocated by the central government of China, the law is expected to lead to increased repression against dissidents. A similar bill sparked massive protests in the ex-British colony in 2020.


Historical Day for Hong Kong

"Today is a historic day for Hong Kong," declared the territory's leader, John Lee, specifying that the law will come into effect on March 23. The new law outlines five new categories of offenses, in addition to those included in the 2020 text: treason, insurrection, espionage, sabotage of national security, and foreign interference.

International Concerns

The United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have expressed concerns about a law that further restricts freedoms in Hong Kong and have urged lawmakers to take more time to examine its impact.

Rapid Legislative Process

However, the Hong Kong Legislative Council, where there are no opposition representatives, swiftly debated the text and its 89 members unanimously approved the law, known as "Article 23."

Hong Kong Parliament voting on new national security law
Parlamento de Hong Kong vota nova lei de segurança nacional Foto: AP
China's influence on Hong Kong's security laws
China's influence on Hong Kong

It is crucial to closely monitor the developments in Hong Kong following the enactment of this new security law. How will this law impact the lives of Hong Kong residents and the region's autonomy? The international community watches with concern as Hong Kong navigates through these challenging times.

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